Sunday, 31 January 2016

Artist's Guide to Leith Exhibition

From one exhibition to the next - I got chatting to one of the organisers of this mini festival at the opening night of the CharacterMart exhibition, agreed to take part and the rest is history! Here's the page advertising the exhibition:

Because of the time-scale, I decided to work entirely non-digitally, which is not at all how I normally work! This was kind of terrifying, as if anything went wrong with my drawing I wouldn't just be able to erase would be wrong...forever. In the end though, I was really pleased I had done it this way, as there's something about a little hand-done drawing or painting that looks more special and more intimate than a digital print. Anyway, enough waffle, here they are:

These paintings are all roughly A5 sized, done in a mixture of ink and brush pen, and gouache paints. They are available to buy framed for £35.00.

 'Iceberg' - SOLD


 'Acolytes II'





'Honeymooning' - SOLD



Sunday, 24 January 2016

CharacterMart Exhibition

In December I was fortunate enough to take part in an exhibition, CharacterMart, at the Biscuit Factory in Leith. Organised by some terribly talented artists, character creators, and all round good eggs, it was a really exciting thing to be a part of and I loved every second of it (even manning the shop when it was below freezing temperatures INSIDE). I also loved having a reason for creating some self-directed work, as I'm the kind of person who needs the panic of a looming exhibition to actually get off my bum and do some of my own stuff...

The pieces I did for this exhibition were a little different from some of my other illustration work. They were based around a character I created a long time ago, the great and all powerful ROGER. I'm not really sure where Roger came from, it kind of feels like he was already floating around in the ether and just popped into my brain fully formed. Anyway, the pictures I did for this exhibition involved him meeting and marrying his lady love, and a bunch of his descendants (plus his wife's scary family). These prints are also available for SALE so do message me if you fancy one adorning your wall.

 'Descendants' A3 Print (Edition of 100) - £15.00

 'Roger's Village' A6 Mini Print - £1.50

   'The Bride's Side' A3 Print (Edition of 100) - £15.00

 'Roger' A4 Print (Edition of 100) - £8.00

'Bride of Roger' A4 Print (Edition of 100) - £8.00

'Wedding' A3 Print (Edition of 100) - £15.00
My work in situ at the Biscuit Factory

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Ladybird Knights and Castles!

As I'm hopelessly behind with this blog, I thought I may as well attempt to catch up with myself and share something from July last year! The first book I illustrated all by myself was published by Ladybird, and it was even more exciting as it was about one of my fave subjects, medieval folk!
You can pick up a copy here
And you can check out a few images from the book below: